Immediate Response to Hurricane Sandy Disaster

    ARMM Associates is ready and available to assist in assessing the damages sustained from the recent weather events and to provide recommendations for repair to the damaged roofing. Please call to speak with one of our highly qualified roofing consultants at 800-257-5261 or fill out the informational form providing your contact information below.

    • Roofing experts available to evaluate roofing and exterior wall damage and provide recommendations for the most expediant and cost effective repair.
    • Provide an infrared scan of the roof to determine level of mosture damage
    • Provide written reports outlining the damages and recommendations for repair
    • Provide recommendations for qualified contractors for repair
    • Evaluate damages to building exterior walls and windows
  • ARMM Associates

    Called the nation’s most qualified roof consultant, ARMM Associates offers thorough investigation, expert design for traditional and solar roofing installations, comprehensive construction monitoring, laboratory testing and litigation support. Contact us today to learn how exceptional roofing consulting services yield exceptional roofing.

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