To prolong the life of any building’s roof, it has been our experience that a professionally conducted evaluation of the roof should be made every five years. These evaluations by ARMM are supported by illustrations and documented evidence of existing conditions in a full written report. The evaluation answers the question “how big is your roof problem” and outlines short and long-term maintenance and replacement costs for budget planning. A detailed proposal will explain the steps covered in an ARMM Roof Evaluation.


ARMM is capable of performing Structural Design and Evaluation of buildings. Structural failure begins with poor initial design. ARMM’s structural department will evaluate how structural deficiencies have occurred and will recommend the best course of action to remediate the building.


ARMM examines existing roofs for all conditions, prepares detailed drawings and specifications outlining selected materials (tailored to the individual building) necessary to provide a long-term watertight roof. ARMM specifies only those materials that are “time-tested” and cost effective for the Owner. “Specialty” roof systems, which command excessive expenditures, are not given consideration. These documents enable soliciting of competitive bids.

ARMM schedules a Bidders’ Tour to discuss the work and to answer any questions from the contractors. This is followed by a Bid Evaluation for our client.

Computerization has expanded our work capability to bring the client versatility that was unknown years ago. The quality of the design is enhanced by the clarity of the computer, illustrating to the contractor exactly the roof detailing he must provide.

This design team has a proven track record of consistent quality design.


An ARMM Monitor is a full-time on-site observer who reviews every stipulation of the plans and specifications with the contractor. The monitor is a highly trained roofing professional, equipped with moisture meters, pyrometers, and other equipment to guide the contractor in the performance of a quality application.


Our industry experience has shown that when constant roof leakage and frequent repairs by the original roofing contractor occur in the first five years, followed by the roof failure, the building owner usually has one recourse — LITIGATION.

Litigation is a complex process which may involve the material supplier, architect, sureties, general building contractor and roofer. To prepare a solid foundation for litigation requires a careful investigative case study prepared by a knowledgeable roofing expert.

ARMM provides extensive litigation support by carefully reviewing the original plans and specifications, materials, structure and related heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems for potential contributors to the roof failure.

The investigative study also includes destructive testing of topside membrane materials and composite, as well as other forensic procedures that will document the failure.

The result is a comprehensive report to the owner which shall conclusively prove and discuss its findings. Testing can be performed on all Roofing Membranes, i.e. Composite (BUR), Single-Ply (SP), Foam (PUF), Metal, and insulation.

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