ARMM Associates recommends that building owners perform a comprehensive roof audit every five years. Contact us today to schedule a roof audit.

ARMM Associates audits help you:

  • Prolong roof life by identifying short and long-term maintenance and remediation procedures
  • Protect roofing investments
  • Protect interior assets
  • Reduce long-term capital expenditures
  • Increase building safety
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Address insurance requirements
  • Improve roof replacement planning and budgeting

Our team typically identifies significant client savings through roof audits, more than compensating for consultation fees.

ARMM Associates roof audit procedures usually consist of the following items; contact us to discuss your specific needs:

  • Pre-visit consultation with the building owner, stakeholders, occupants and maintenance personnel as indicated
  • Guided inspection visits of roofing installations with site-owner and others as indicated
  • Identification of roofing component/substrate/design areas of concern, including installation oversights, design flaws and material failures
  • Sampling and analysis of roofing substrate/components as necessary
  • Independent investigation of roofing design, roofing components, history, maintenance records, adherence to building code and other documentation as available
  • A comprehensive report featuring:
    • Detailed illustrations, photographs and full documentation evidence of existing roof and roof conditions/areas of concern
    • Recommended short and long-term maintenance measures and maintenance scheduling with associated cost estimates for planning and budgeting
    • As requested, detailed discussion of roof redesign/replacement and roof technology/product options and estimated costs
  • As requested, presentation of report findings and associated discussion with building owner, stakeholders and others as indicated
  • As requested, contract planning and design specifications for reroofing